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Corroded pipe
The Impact of Corrosion

In this short video, we show the broader impact that corrosion has on many industries and the roles of corrosion specialists in controlling corrosion. 

By Kod Pojtanabuntoeng
Rusted nail
Corrosion experiment - Rusting nails

Dissimilar metal corrosion and the effect of heterogeneities in metals on corrosion are demonstrated using steel nails in agar gel with pH indicator and ferrous ion indicator. In these examples, the steel nails corrosion was accelerated when electrically connected to copper and was mitigated when connected to zinc. Time lapse videos show colour changes as reactions proceeded.

By Kod Pojtanabuntoeng
Cover Picture
Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of 316L stainless steel produced using sinter-based extrusion additive manufacturing

In this study specimens were additively manufactured in 316L stainless steel (SS316L) with a technology that combines the extruding method of fused filament fabrication (FFF) with the strengthening stages of metal injection moulding (MIM). A thorough metallographic analysis and tensile testing were carried out to investigate the effect of sintering in the final microstructures, mechanical properties, and fracture modes of the manufactured material.

By Ricardo Santamaria
Additve Manufacturing Characterisation Microstructure Mechanical Properties Publications Physical Metallurgy
316L Ringers Crevicetribo 09 (1)
Dynamic Crevice Corrosion in Total Hip Arthroplasty

In this study, for the first time we defined the term Dynamic Crevice Corrosion which is the tribocorrosion within a crevice geometry. In this regard a unique test method was developed which will assist implant manufacturers, orthopaedic surgeons and biomedical engineers to assess parameters that lead to this type of degradation mechanism at the head/taper modular junctions.

By Mobin Salasi
Publications Dynamic Crevice Corrosion Tribocorrosion
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The Role of Nano-thin Intergranular Phases on Nickel Alloy 725 Brittle Failure

In this investigation, we developed a method based on electrochemical current noise to detect the onset of corrosion under insulation, its intensity, and the predominant form of corrosion (i.e., uniform or localised).

By Sofia Hazarabedian
Publications Nickel Alloys Hydrogen Embrittlement Microstructure
Corrosion under insulation products
Use of electrochemical current noise method to monitor carbon steel corrosion under mineral wool insulation.

In this investigation, we developed a method based on electrochemical current noise to detect the onset of corrosion under insulation, its intensity, and the predominant form of corrosion (i.e., uniform or localised).

By Kod Pojtanabuntoeng
Publications CUI Electrochemical Noise
F Phase X ray diffraction parttern
Characterization of Intergranular Phases in Precipitation Hardening Ni Alloy UNS N07725

This paper demonstrates for the first time the formation of F phase in the nickel-alloy 725 (UNS N07725) at grain boundaries (GBs). F phase is a detrimental TCP phase that plays a key role on hydrogen embrittlement.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications nickel alloys embrittlement
Banner - UNS S39274 7N Cl- 60C
Use of the Critical Acidification Model to Estimate the Influence of W in the Localized Corrosion Resistance of 25 Cr Super Duplex Stainless Steels.

The results obtained in this work point at a beneficial role of W in a stable propagating attack at temperatures T > TR. Even though the mechanism cannot be inferred from the data gathered, the dissolution in the W-rich specimen was diminished significantly.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications stainless steels crevice corrosion
W 60C 1 Front
Crevice Corrosion of Solution Annealed 25Cr Duplex Stainless Steels: Effect of W on Critical Temperatures.

In this paper, we showed that tungsten, when added as a solid solution element, improved the crevice corrosion resistance of 25Cr super duplex stainless steels.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications stainless steels crevice corrosion
SEM Multispecies biofilms
Microbiologically influenced corrosion as a function of environmental conditions: A laboratory study using oilfield multispecies biofilms

In this paper, it is demonstrated that microorganisms can trigger severe corrosion rates in the absence of sulphate.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications mic
UNS S39274 EBSD Map
The role of tungsten on the phase transformation kinetics and its correlation with the localized corrosion resistance of 25Cr super duplex stainless steels

This investigation demonstrated that tungsten drastically slowed the precipitation of deleterious tertiary phases down in 25Cr super duplex stainless steels, resulting in an improved overall pitting corrosion resistance.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications pitting corrosion stainless steels
Biofilm SEM SE Image
Nutrient level determines biofilm characteristics and the subsequent impact on microbial corrosion and biocide effectiveness

This investigation demonstrated that the continuous flow of nutrients for the microbial growth resulted in higher activity, thickness and robustness of the biofilms formed on carbon steel, which induced greater localised corrosion compared to biofilms formed under batch, nutrient-depleted conditions.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications mic
RDE bench
Conversion of reference electrode potentials

The conversion of reference electrode scales is a simple process, yet it can be confusing. This article shows a simple method to help you avoid errors.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Education Basics
Complementary DNA/RNA-Based Profiling: Characterization of Corrosive Microbial Communities and Their Functional Profiles in an Oil Production Facility

In this investigation, it was showed that DNA-based sequencing results alone could lead to underestimation of active members in the community resulting in an inaccurate MIC risk assessment.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
mic rna/dna
CO2 Scale
Anodic and Cathodic Reactions During Carbon Dioxide Corrosion

This article describes the speciation of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions as well as the main anodic and cathodic reactions during CO2 corrosion of carbon and low alloy steels.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Education Electrochemistry
Surfactant Molecule
CO2 Corrosion Inhibitor Performance at Deposit-Covered Carbon Steel and Their Adsorption on Different Deposits.

New peer-review article on CO2 corrosion inhibitors to prevent under deposit corrosion.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications Under Deposit Corrosion Corrosion Inhibitors
Cross Section CS Sample
Aggressive corrosion of steel by a thermophilic microbial consortium in the presence and absence of sand.

New peer-review article on microbiologically influenced corrosion under deposits.

By Laura Machuca-Suarez
Publications Under Deposit Corrosion mic
Crevice Corrosion SS316 NaCl 0.1M 30ºC 01
Crevice Corrosion

New book chapter on crevice corrosion fundamentals (pre-print)

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Crevice Corrosion Book Chapter
Wear EBSD 1
Low-Stress Abrasion-Corrosion of High-Cr White Cast Iron

New peer-reviewed article on abrasion corrosion of high-Cr white case iron.

By Mobin Salasi
Publications Tribocorrosion
Hydrogen-Induced Stress Cracking of Swaged Super Duplex Stainless Steel Subsea Components
By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Hydrogen
A Tale of Two Potentials

Reversible and corrosion potentials are two abstract concepts in corrosion. This article explains what these two foundational concepts are and how to differentiate between them.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Electrochemistry Education
Cantilever Dimensions Isometric
Materials and corrosion trends in oil and gas production
By Mariano Iannuzzi
Publications Materials Selection
Corrosion pattern
What is Corrosion?

Definition of corrosion by various researchers

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Definition Education
Rusty Pipes
Cathodic Reactions in Corrosion

This article describes the primary cathodic reactions that control corrosion of metals and alloys in aqueous electrolytes.

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Electrochemistry Education
EBSD - 25Cr SDSS - Deformation
Environmentally Assisted Cracking

What is environmental cracking or environmentally assisted cracking?

By Mariano Iannuzzi
Definition Education