What is to be a Corrosion Student?


A diverse and multidisciplinary field

Corrosion is a truly interdisciplinary field, encompassing diverse areas such as materials science, chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering, microbiology, and economics. As a result, corrosion professionals have strong analytical skills and are both logical and inquisitive.

Because of its multidisciplinary nature, corrosion professionals are also required to work in teams, demanding strong communication and problem-solving abilities. In industry, corrosion professionals work in influential roles that take advantage of their wide-ranging expertise. 

Corrosion education at Curtin University

At Curtin University, our Corrosion students are educated in the fundamentals of corrosion, electrochemistry, materials science, and corrosion prevention and management. The training you will receive will give you a unique skill set that will help you find opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, defence, biomedical, infrastructure, automotive industries, and more. Corrosion competences are easily transferable, making corrosion engineers highly flexible and attractive to a wide range of sectors in Australia and internationally. According to the annual NACE International salary survey, corrosion professionals are amongst the best-paid subject matter experts.

The strong fundamental knowledge corrosion students gain at Curtin University makes our alumni excellent candidates to progress in academic roles globally.

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